Reliance Jio’s home broadband service could cost Rs 500 for 100GB

As per a new report, Reliance Jio’s upcoming broadband service, known as Jio Fiber, will see a commercial launch in 100 cities at an exciting price of Rs 500 per 100GB. If we take a look at the rivals right now, they offer about half the data for nearly double the price. Keeping this in mind, this could be a very attractive offering by the network operator. The company expects to expand the free trial to a few more cities starting June, which should give Jio enough time for a proper rollout sometime in September or October.

These prices, if true, will no doubt shake up the broadband segment in the country which is currently dominated by the likes of BSNL and Bharti Airtel. In the wake of the Jio Fiber announcement, we expect rivals to bolster their existing data plans and offer more benefits to keep their customers hooked. Reliance Jio is yet to comment on these developments, although one can hope that proper confirmation will come through in the days to come.

Jio Fiber can offer speeds of up to 100 Mbps as per multiple test runs. The service is currently being tested in 10 cities of the country including Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Noida. The arrival of Jio Fiber and its disruptive plans will no doubt encourage rivals to change their pricing model, thus offering greater benefits for the customers.

It is expected that Airtel will bear the brunt of Jio Fiber’s arrival in the industry, much like what we saw when Jio launched its cellular services late last year.