ARM wants to make your next phone the most powerful yet

British chipmaker ARM has unveiled its most powerful CPUs to date at Computex 2017.

Catering to the high-end and mid-ranged market segments respectively, the new Cortex-A75 an A55 CPUs bring major steps forward in terms of power and efficiency.

First up, the flagship Cortex-A75 claims to provide a 22 per cent improvement in  performance compared to its predecessor, the Cortex-A73. Furthermore, the CPU can apparently use just 2W of power and offer a 30 per cent increase in performance on large screen devices.

Alongside this, ARM says that the Cortex-A55  is its “most versatile high efficiency processor”. The new CPU offers 15 percent more power efficiency compared to its predecessor, in addition to 10 times more scalability, and two times the memory efficiency. 

Both CPUs use the company’s latest ARMv8.2-A architecture, offering optimum performance. However ARM is also touting the presence of its new Dynamiq technology, which allows OEMs such as Qualcomm to combine a mixture of the CPU cores to suit their requirements.

Asides from offering mobile devices a lot more power, ARM says that its new CPUs are perfect for pushing forward AI and Machine Learning. They can use the ARM Compute Library which will enhance the AI and ML credentials hugely, making the hardware ideal for being included in IoT and smart city infrastructure, and even possible self-driving cars.

Although we don’t expect to see these processors on devices right away, the wait shouldn’t be too long., with ARM hinting both the A75 and A55 will appear on mobile products sometime in 2018.

Mali-G72 GPU

Mali-G72 GPU

Alongside its new CPUs, ARM also unveiled a new Mali-G72 GPU, which is touted to be its most efficient yet. 

The new release again offers major advances in performance, coming in at 1.4 times more powerful than the Mali-G71. It works on the new Bifrost architecture, which will reduce the space needed during the build processes and offer optimum performance. This particular GPU will also come with some machine learning and artificial intelligence related enhancements, including a 25 per cent boost in efficiency.