Reliance Jio tops TRAI’s 4G Download Speeds List in April

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Airtel is currently marketing its network as the country’s fastest (going by Ookla’s Speedtest app). However, as per TRAI’s speed test figures, Reliance Jio topped the country in terms of 4G download speeds. The regulatory authority conducted the test using the MySpeed app. Jio apparently reported download speeds of 19.12Mbps in April, beating its own record of 18.48Mbps from March. 

Idea Cellular reportedly made its way to the second place with download speeds of 13.70Mbps, while Vodafone and Airtel made up for the third and fourth place with 13.38Mbps and 10.15Mbps, respectively. 

It will be interesting to see how the rivals respond to this particular revelation, while Airtel has been heavily marketing its 4G download speeds in the country. Jio’s download speeds are heavily dependent on your geographical location, as some smaller cities don't return the speeds mentioned by TRAI here. However, coming from the telecom authority of the country, this is bound to make some news in the days to come.

Jio recently filed a motion against Airtel over the spread of allegedly misleading advertisements pertaining to its Speedtest results. Airtel, however, has remained unbothered by these complaints and still continues to air the ads on Indian television and elsewhere. In the fight for the top spot, the companies are willing to go to any lengths. This fierce rivalry is expected to continue over the coming months as Jio Fiber is planning to encroach into Airtel Broadband’s territory with disruptive plans and offers.