Realme shares additional details of its 120W Ultra Dart charging

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Smartphone charging speeds have been climbing drastically each year, with some manufacturers being able to bring it down to around 30 minutes. For the next leg of the race, Realme has a 120W charging solution brewing.

Earlier this month, reports emerged that Realme will showcase its breakthroughs in charging technology in July, which will be one of the first to cross the 100W mark. It was soon joined by announcements from Oppo and iQoo. The specifics are yet to be revealed, but it was hinted that we could see the next-gen charging in smartphones as early as next month.

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In the development of that story, Realme took to Weibo to confirm that it will be showcasing its charging technology on July 16. The teaser also plays around with the word ‘Ultra’, adding substance to the previous rumours of the next-gen charging being called as Ultra Dart, acting as a successor of Super Dart charging which can achieve 65W.

The poster also has a line reading “3 minutes, _%”. For all of these fast-charging solutions, the majority of the power delivery happens in the initial period while the last 20-30% is significantly slower to preserve battery health. Many additional safety measures also have to be implemented to ensure that the phone doesn’t heat up or degrade too quickly. 

Interestingly, Oppo will showcase its 125W charging solution on July 15, just a day before Realme. Considering how close the two brands are, we expect their implementations to share some characteristics. For starters, both of their solutions are likely to be driven by ramping up the amperage rather than the voltage. 

With the new standards in place, charging times are expected to be closer to the 15-minute mark. iQoo is said to be the first to bring this tech to a commercial smartphone in August.

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