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PUBG Corp goes on a hiring spree in India – launch soon?

PUBG Mobile
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PUBG Mobile India has been eluding us ever since its existence was announced last November. While we await further official confirmation, a new development suggests that the company is getting ready for some big moves.

In September 2020, PUBG Mobile one of the 118 apps banned by the Indian government owing to mishandling of user data in an unauthorized manner. As a response, Karfton decoupled with China-based Tencent for its Indian operations and announced that it will create an entirely new game that will comply with the local regulations — called PUBG Mobile India. However, while the new version is supposedly ready, it is yet to gain the necessary approvals to go live.

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In a turn of events that could indicate that PUBG Mobile India is a step closer to release, PUBG Corporation is now hiring in India for multiple roles across verticals. Posted on Linkedin (opens in new tab) recently, these include positions such as a product manager, product analyst, publisher, investment analyst, marketing manager and video editor. 

The range of these openings suggests that PUBG Mobile India will not just be a forked version of the global game, but have some localisations and customizations from the get, along with separate events and partnerships for the community. All the roles are based in Bangalore, where PUBG India Pvt Ltd was incorporated in November. 

A hiring spree of this nature does raise our hopes that PUBG Mobile India will be with us soon. It’s been six months since the initial announcement, but official updates have been few. 

A few days ago, a couple of popular eSports players from the country also hinted that PUBG Mobile India could launch in two months' time. The timeline does match with other previous reports. 

As always, take this development with a grain of salt and await official communication on the PUBG Mobile India launch, before jumping to conclusions.

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