PS4 Cloud Remote control is perfect for movie marathons

Putting down your DualShock controller in favor of a night with some silver screen classics? The PlayStation 4 pad is well suited for navigating the console, but it's not so adept at controlling your AV gear, is it?

Enter the Cloud Remote for PS4 from PDP. The officially-licensed accessory has Sony's seal of approval, and uses "advanced cloud technology" to pair up not only with your console, but your home theater set-up too.

Simply download the PDP Cloud Remote App on the console, and it'll automatically detect all the other gadgets and speakers your console is hooked up to, letting the Cloud Remote then take control of system volume, input settings, power and more.

Familiar look

It's an evolution of PDP's existing PS4 remote control, and features all the essential buttons you'd find on a DualShock controller too, including Share and Option buttons. 

Connecting over Bluetooth, all PS4 DualShock face buttons sit just where your thumb naturally rests.

The Cloud Remote is up for pre-order at $29.99 from Amazon and Gamestop, with worldwide availability to be confirmed. Pick up the remote in the US and you'll also get a 30-day free trial of the PlayStation Vue Core TV plan, which bags you 65 channels of live TV streaming from the likes of ESPN, FX, AMC, Cartoon Network, NFL Network and MLB Network.

Gerald Lynch

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