Samsung's standalone Gear Solo may see the Dick Tracy dream realised

Samsung's standalone Gear Solo may see the Dick Tracy dream realised
The Gear 2 can usually be spotted in grassy and woodland areas

Samsung may be set to cut the cord on its next smartwatch, with another hint that a standalone Gear Solo is on the horizon.

A listing on Indian import site Zauba names a device called the Gear Solo, which has a network receiver and its own embedded SIM.

This suggests users will be able to make and receive calls on the watch itself with no smartphone required. The listing price is 12,292 INR, which, as Sammobile points out, suggests the device will be priced similarly to the Gear 2 - so about £250 ($295, AU$350).

That's all the detail we've got right now. However, we'd expect the watch to also come running Tizen, following the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo.

I'm breaking free

It also sounds like the Solo will be an addition to the current lineup rather than a Gear 2 successor.

Word of the Gear Solo popped up last month, with a source claiming that the watch will launch in Korea first, with a wider launch to likely follow after.

We'll be honest - until we stop giving funny looks to people talking on Bluetooth headsets, we can't see the whole speaking-into-your-watch taking off. But we're ready for Samsung to prove us wrong.

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