Amazon Kindle Colour coming later this year?

Amazon Kindle Colour coming later this year?
Like this but in colour - well futuristic, no?

The black and white world of e-reading is about to get a bit more colourful: Amazon is reportedly planning an Amazon Kindle Colour for the second half of this year.

If you believe the rumours – and they've come from Digitimes' ever-chatty supply chain sources, so we'll forgive you if you don't – the colour Kindles will come with multi-touch capacitive touchscreens.

That's a little different to the existing infrared panels used in the Kindle Touch which offer only shades of grey. (Not the controversial book, Fifty Shades of Grey. Although you can get that on Kindle too.)

Gosh, it's just like when films got colour. Join us as we party like it's 1917.


Digitimes also reports that E Ink will have some colour products available soon, which are likely to be the panels that end up in the Amazon Kindle Colour.

While rumours have also begun swirling of a new Amazon Kindle Fire, only the US currently has the illusive Android tablet to play with.

The latest from the Amazon rumour mill is that there will be three different models of the Kindle Fire 2, two 7-inch slates and either an 8.9- or a 10-incher.

But despite the popularity of the tablet line-up so far, plenty of people still prefer to do their ereading on an ebook reader so we wouldn't be surprised to see the rumoured colour version arrive in time for Christmas spending season.


Via Digitimes

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