ZTE smartwatch is coming in 2014 but will only work with ZTE phones

ZTE smartwatch is coming in 2014 but will only work with ZTE phones
And it's only heading to China

ZTE is planning to launch a smartwatch next year but it will only work with ZTE phones.

The ZTE watch's features are set to be similar to those of the Galaxy Gear - which itself only works with a handful of Galaxy handsets at present - although ZTE's Lu Qianhao promises the WSJ that it will come in at a more palatable price point.

The as-yet unnamed ZTE smartwatch will be unveiled in the first quarter of 2014 (at Mobile World Congress, perhaps?) with the release date falling in the second.

Smart shoes

No point getting too excited if you're not in China though - the first generation is set only for the Chinese market, with the US and Europe next on ZTE's list.

There are more big plans on ZTE's horizon - as well as a smartwatch that works with all Android phones, it is also looking into Google Glass style specs and "smartphone-connected shoes" which is a new one on us.

While no one's really sure that anyone actually wants a smartwatch, that hasn't stopped nearly every tech company and its butler from working on a wrist-worn phone-companion.

Samsung's Galaxy Gear has been roundly panned by critics and shoppers alike, while Sony's Smartwatch 2 fared a little better, Qualcomm's Toq is yet to go on sale and the Pebble has enjoyed a mixed reception at best.

All eyes on Apple's supposedly upcoming iWatch, then...

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