You can test drive the Apple Watch right now

Apple Watch
Try before you buy

The enterprising folks behind the Pipes news app are busy developing an Apple Watch version, and they've decided to make an online emulator available for anyone to play around with.

Head to the Watch Demo site and you can use your mouse in place of your finger to take a browse around Apple's latest interface. Most apps just reveal a static image but you can jump in and out and scroll around.

As you would expect, Pipes is one of the apps that does offer more features inside the emulator. You can also see how the Glances (info widgets) and push notifications are going to work in practice.

Watching the watches

For developers, there's the chance to load up an app logo to see how it will look on Apple's shiny new device. We're expecting it to go on sale in March and Apple has confirmed a starting price of $349 (roughly £230/AU$430).

The emulator doesn't quite have the kudos of the real thing but it'll pass the time until the on-sale date - the digital crown works, so you can tap it to head back to the home screen. The Music, Videos, Phone and Instagram apps allow a small level of interactivity too.

Apple revealed plenty of information about the watch at its big reveal in September, but word through the Cupertino grapevine is that software tweaks and battery optimisations are still being worked on.

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