Microsoft has a Google Glass clone in the works too

Google Glass has proven pretty popular with the man on the street, and Microsoft is planning to get in on the smart headgear action with a prototype supposedly already in testing.

"People familiar with the matter" reported to WSJ that the internet-friendly spectacles are being tested right now.

That's not much to go on, let's face it. So why not have another rumour to keep you going:

Microsoft is also having a stab at a smartwatch, which these shady insiders claim is also in testing. We've heard word of this Microsoft smartwatch before - some sources say the Xbox team are leading the charge, others saying that the Surface crew have taken over.

After snapping up Nokia's Devices & Services business, we reckon there's a chance that Microsoft's rumoured smartwatch and Nokia's rumoured smartwatch are actually the same thing.

Guess who else is apparently working on a smartwatch. That's right: it's Google.

Tearable tech

What we can tell from all this is that Microsoft sees a future in what industry types refer to as "the wearable tech market".

Everybody's at it, with Google Glass grabbing column inches and Samsung and Sony already in on the smartwatch game.

Will Apple surprise us all by announcing an Apple watch at its event tonight? We doubt it, to be honest, but you never know with Apple.

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