Touchscreen video iPod coming August?

The sixth-generation Apple iPods will have touchscreens, just like the Apple iPhone

Apple is to release a new touchscreen Apple iPod next month, new rumours suggest. A source within Taiwanese supply firm Wintek said the company has started to supply touchscreen panels for the updated device.

Wintek makes small LCD screens for cameras and other handhelds. It will reportedly ship capacitive touchscreens without specific software controls or integrated circuits to accompany them. Apple will then integrate the panels with an iPod music player, the controls of which will resemble those of the iPhone, Electronista reports.

Shipments have been scheduled for the second half of this year but are likely to have begun already. Apparently Apple has asked for the panels in time for an August release. This would be less than two months after the launch of the Apple iPhone .

This may all of course be just another rumour. But naming a supplier at least gives the rumour some credibility.

iPhone-lookalike touchscreen

If Apple does bring out the Apple iPhone-lookalike touchscreen iPod next month, it will be a lot earlier than analysts predicted. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said yesterday that he believed Apple would launch the next generation Apple iPods by January 2008 at the latest.

Last month, ahead of the Apple iPhone launch, Steve Jobs confirmed that Apple developers were hard at work developing the next-generation Apple iPods. The devices will run Mac OS X just like the Apple iPhone.