Weird tech: Wii exposes wife's wanton ways

Oi! Keep your hands off my Wii! And while you're at it, you can keep your hands off my wife as well

It's that age-old story: girl create Mii of boyfriend; girl challenges boyfriend to Wii Bowling; then husband comes from a bloody war to find a mysterious Mii on his Wii. Such is the fate that befell US soldier 'Tony' who discovered that his wife had been playing away while he was away in Iraq.

"Through this menu I was able to identify the many nights my wife's Mii and this 'other' Mii Character played Wii Bowling. It became clearly obvious that she couldn't explain her way out of this. Especially since she claims that she never had contact with him after her alleged 'kiss' in October 2006," Tony says.

Tony's wife wasn't the only one caught out this week. The same thing happened to Santa at a shopping mall in Texas, only this time it was his beard that got trapped. Kids stood agog as Santa removed his beard, their dreams destroyed forever by the hapless sack swinger.

Mind you it hasn't been a good week for actor Charlie Sheen either. He was snapped during the making of The Bionic Woman holding his iPhone upside-down.

Onion + pop = iPod power!

Perhaps he should have been paying attention when a video surfaced this week of a man charging his iPod with an onion. We bet he knows which way round to hold the thing. BTW it only takes one onion and two cups of Gatorade to make the iPod work for 20 minutes. Which is more than can be said for the CDs you try to fix using a hot stove, some boiling water and a fork.

Hang on, you don't think these are the CDs the government lost, do you? And talking of boobs, what about inflatable life-saving bikinis? They'll be huge! But not as big as the world's biggest airship.

Finally, are you stuck for a present to buy your cat this Christmas? Then why not get them a robotic litter box. The cat takes a poop, the litter box's barrel rolls around and the poop get deposited (ahem), on to a tray that you can empty later. Which reminds us, the Zune has been outselling the iPod.

Where there's muck, there's brass, eh?