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EyeMessages incoming: Google Glass lets iPhone owners get SMS texts

Even though Google Glass' firmware was just updated to Android KitKat, the wearable computer is bringing more features to its users' right eyes this week.

SMS for iPhone beams text messages to the line of vision of iOS users who love their Glass, but refuse to give up their Apple handset for an Android phone.

Google notes that this highly requested feature is read-only on iPhone and that "due to some limitations with iOS" you won't be able to reply SMSs from Google Glass.

It's a half-measure that, due to Apple's "walled garden," still makes Android the superior choice among the expanding population of Google Glass users.

Google Glass Calendar app

A native calendar app is also coming to Google Glass via its Glassware store, meaning your agenda will always been in sight.

The calendar card is conveniently one swipe to the left in the Google Glass linear operating system, right next to Google Now.

Tapping into the calendar timeline allows you to change the title, time and location of events. It's also possible to RSVP, delete and dismiss appointments.

Both the new SMS for iPhone feature and calendar app are scheduled to appear in the field of view of Google Glass users in the next few days.