Another hint that Google Chromecast is coming to Australia

Can we get our hopes up now?

Google has finally said that it is soon planning to launch Chromecast, its cheap media streaming dongle outside of the US.

Google's Senior Vice President of Android, Chrome and Google Apps, Sundar Pinchai, said at SXSW that the company would be bringing Chromecast to "many more countries".

Pinchai did not reveal which countries would be in line to get the dongle or the pricing the rest of the world will be facing, he did indicate that it would be launching elsewhere within a few weeks.

Casting Down Under

While we've looked on in envy since Chromecast was launched in the US last year, this is our third indication that Google Chromecast will be coming to Australia in the last few weeks.

Reports emerged mid-February that Telstra has been in talks with Google in how it could bring Chromecast to Australia, and just last week the ABC indicated that it was readying itself for Chromecast as well.

But while Pinchai's comments have us believing that Chromecast has an Aussie future, we're still waiting on confirmation that Australia is on the list for a launch.

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