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Gear4 DUO brings satellite speakers to iPods

Just don't lose it

Gear4’s latest ipod speaker is actually fairly astounding - it isn’t a run of the mill docking station by dint of a detachable portable speaker system.

So while you can appreciate the sub-woofer in your own home, it is also possible to detach the bulky bit of kit and take the speakers with you on your merry way.

The Gear4 DUO, available in June, has a total output of 38W, which becomes 18W with just the satellite speaker, a rechargeable Lithium-ion cell and a handy extra battery compartment.


In their own words: “The patented Seamless Sound Technology (SST) allows the Satellite Speaker to be effortlessly docked into the Bass Unit, where its built-in Lithium-ion battery will automatically recharge, making it permanently ready for portable use.

“So, whether you want a home or portable speaker, you’ll Never Miss A Beat!”

At least it’s got a spark of originality in the sea of samey iPod accessories