Print your snaps straight from a photo frame

No need for a printer as the Smartparts SP8PRT prints straight from the frame

Digital photo frame maker Smartparts unveiled a clever new digital picture frame with a built-in photo printer at the PMA ’08 photography show over the weekend.

Smartparts calls the Smartparts SP8PRT digital photo frame a ‘world first’ in that it features a built-in photo printer.

The 8-inch Smartparts SP8PRT digital photo frame lets you print any digital picture stored on the frame by touching the button at the side.

Hidden printer

The printer is hidden behind the LCD screen so the frame looks like a standard picture frame. It comes supplied with one dye-sublimation colour cartridge loaded with ink and paper so you’re ready to start printing once you take it out of the box. Photos are printed as standard 4 x 6-inch glossy prints, and one cartridge gives you up to 36 prints.

Specs include an 800 x 600-pixel resolution screen, video playback supporting WMA and AVI files at their native resolutions, and SD, Memory Stick, and xD Picture Card memory card support.

‘Best of both worlds’

“The SP8PRT offers consumers the best of both worlds,” said Stefan Guelpen, president and co-founder of Smartparts.

“Not only does it enable consumers to display their digital images in a way that is more convenient and familiar than on a PC, it also bridges the gap that exists between those who prefer digital and hard copy images. At the push of a button, consumers can instantly create a 4x6-inch colour print to share with friends or family all without having to boot up their PC, locate the photo, and use a large, cumbersome printer.”

The Smartparts SP8PRT digital photo frame is on sale in the US now, priced at $279 (£141).