TechRadar Tip Off: 35% off the Samsung NX300 Mirrorless Digital Camera with ED II Lens

The Tip Off
A high-performance camera at a low price

The holidays are coming up and you'll need something with a little bit more power than your 8MP smartphone to capture your coworkers making bad life decisions at the company holiday party.

Lucky for you the Tip Off found one heck of a deal. For a limited time, you can get 35% off this Samsung NX300 Mirrorless Digital Camera with ED II Lens.

The Deets

The Tip Off Samsung NX300

Fancy, huh? The NX300 can be yours for 35% off

The NX300 camera retails for $749.99, but The Tip Off found it for $489.99 - a huge savings for one amazing camera.

Some of the more notable features of the NX300 include:

  • A 20.3MP APS-CMOS Sensor
  • 3D Photo and Video Capture
  • Full HD 1080p Video
  • Burst Shutter speed
  • 20 - 50 mm f/3.5-5.6 ED II Lens
  • Dual Channel Wi-Fi Connectivity and Smart Camera App
  • 3.31" AMOLED Tilt Touch Screen Display
  • Hybrid Auto Focus System

... and more!

The NX300 form factor sports a retro design and can be purchased in black or white. A bit of advice: The camera is slightly chunky - the lens weighs 4.20 oz (119 g) and the camera body weighs 9.88 oz (20g) without the battery - but the ease of use makes up for a bit of bulk.

Enough talk. Buy it now!

The Tip Off will have more deals for you, so stay tuned!

All offers subject to change.