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Sony restarts SLT and NEX manufacture

Sony a65
Sony was forced to delay the launch of the NEX-7 and a65 due to the flooding in Thailand

Sony has confirmed several reports that appeared in the media suggesting that production of its NEX and SLT cameras had gone back into production in a different Thailand plant after the Ayuthaya site was devastated by the recent floods.

Production of the new Sony Alpha NEX-7 compact system camera and the A-65 SLT camera had stopped causing a delay to the launch of the cameras, which were originally set to be available in November.

Two out of Sony's three factories in Thailand were closed following the floods, with a number of other electronics and camera manufacturers also affected, including Nikon, Dell, Western Digital and Seagate.

Profits affected

Nikon, which had been on track for a record year, slashed its profit forecasts due to the problems caused by the flooding, while Sony also lowered its forecasts in its quarterly results, but said it had not factored in the impact of the floods.

Sony has transferred the manufacture of the NEX and SLT cameras to another factory in Chonburi, further south in Thailand which usually produces car radios. A report on Japanese website Sankei suggested that the plant had been "transformed" into a full operable A77/65 and NEX-7/5n production factory.

Sankei is also reporting that Sony is looking to move its compact camera production to China.

Keep following for more on how the Thailand flooding is affecting manufacturers.

Via DPReview