Samsung: we believe in APS-C sensor

Samsung NX20
Samsung, which uses APS-C sensors for its NX range, says it is committed to the format

A spokesperson for Samsung UK has spoken of his belief in the APS-C format, which is used by the firm's range of compact system cameras.

Samsung was one of the first manufacturers to market with a CSC, with the NX10 back in January 2010. It was also the first to use an APS-C size sensor, which is larger than those found in Panasonic and Olympus cameras who had been earlier to release models.

However, since that time, Sony and more recently Fujifilm, have also launched APS-C compact system cameras, and it's fair to say found more success with their products, with Samsung cameras failing to make much of a dent on the market.

Speaking to TechRadar, Nick Porter, marketing manager for Digital Imaging at Samsung UK said, "We've delivered against our expectations and continue to invest in the system."


Last week, the company announced three new models into its NX line-up, all of which feature integrated Wi-Fi.

"We continue to explore the system and believe in the APS-C sensor and the benefits that it gives the consumer, and we will continue to invest in that," Porter said.

Recently, Panasonic has been to push the advantages of its smaller Micro Four Thirds sensor, primarily in the shape of edge to edge sharpness.

Theoretically, a larger sensor, such as the one found in current Samsung NX cameras should mean that the cameras are capable of better performance in low light situations.

It will be interesting to see how the latest raft of NX models delivers for Samsung, in what is shaping up to be an interesting year for compact system cameras, with several releases from major companies.

Amy Davies

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