Lomo announces new colours for Sprocket Rocket cameras

Lomo sprocket rocket cameras
Lomo Sprocket Rocket Superpop - neontastic

The Lomographic society has introduced 4 new neon colours to its Sprocket Rocket range of cameras.

Now available in bright yellow, orange, green and blue the Sprocket Rocket model is designed for full creativity with the ability to move the film back and forth and panoramic pictures to be taken.

The Sprocket Rocket, which was first released back in 2010, has a plastic body and is fitted with a super wide-angle lens (30mm) which produces images that are sharp in the centre and blurry towards the edges.

Multiple exposure

By using the scrolling knobs at the top of the Sprocket Rocket, photographers can advance the film inside backwards and forwards to allow multiple exposures on each frame. The film is exposed all the way up to the top of the frame, meaning the sprocket holes can be seen in the final picture, hence its name.

The Lomographic society has a range of other analogue cameras available, including the recently launched 'La Sardina', a pocket-sized camera styled in the shape of a sardine can.

The Lomo Sprocket Rocket Superpop technical details include:

Film Type: Standard 135 film
Lens: 30 mm
Standard image size: 72 x 35 mm
Frame insert: 72 x 24 mm
Focusing: 0,6 m - 1m, 1m - inf.
Shutter: 1/100, bulb
Aperture: f/10.8, f/16
Film stopping mechanism: White Dot
Multi-exposure: Yes

The Lomography Sprocket Rocket Superpop retails at around £89, more information can be found on the Sprocket Rocket microsite.

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