GoPros inside Grammy Awards will put you onstage with the winners

Grammy awards

If you won a Grammy Award, would you want it if it came with a built-in GoPro?

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards next week is set to give viewers a new way to watch the ceremony. Winners will be given a trophy with a GoPro camera built into the base, according to Fast Company.

Called the Grammycam, it will give CBS producers the option to stream parts of the show from this new perspective on the Grammy Live app, website or TV broadcast.

The camera itself is actually a broken-down GoPro camera with three hours of battery life just for the event, and it will let you see the award handed to the winners on stage and then taken backstage after.

Each camera-bearing golden trophy has been modified so that it will beam what it captures to the CBS broadcast truck, where all the camera streams are managed. We're not sure how often CBS will rely on the Grammycam for the broadcast, as it might end up looking more like a glamorous handheld documentary.

The Grammy Awards ceremony is set to take place on February 15, so we won't have long to wait to see how this experiment plays out. After all, if all goes well, we may end up with more trophy cam-filmed award ceremonies down the line.