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FujiFilm 3D camera ready for action this year

3D images
FujiFilm promises us 3D cameras before year's end

We first heard about FujiFilm's designs on 3D photography late last year, but it has taken until now for the company to reveal its plans for actual products capable of taking such snaps.

FujiFilm says it will have a commercial 3D camera on sale in Japan later this year at an undisclosed price.

Real 3D technology

It will use the Real 3D system first seem at the Photokina show in Germany last autumn, which uses two lenses and a pair of sensors to capture slightly differing images.

A specially made image processor then blends the two photos into a single 3D image. Somewhat surprisingly, the Real 3D camera will also be able to film 3D movie clips.

Photo frame too

The still-unnamed digital camera will have a 2.-8-inch LCD on its rear that is capable of showing the 3D images without forcing the user to wear special glasses or goggles.

FujiFilm has also revealed an 8.4-inch 3D photo frame using the same technology, but hasn't revealed if that will also go on sale this year.