Canon launches touchscreen IXUS 200 IS

Canon get all touchy-feely with the IXUS 200 IS
Canon get all touchy-feely with the IXUS 200 IS

Canon has announced that its Digital IXUS has finally come of age, with the touchscreen Digital IXUS 200 IS camera.

The camera – the first of Canon's IXUS range to feature touchscreen tech – packs a 12.1MP sensor, and features both a 24mm ultra wide-angle 5x zoom lens and a nice and big 3.0-inch PureColor II Touch display.

For those who like getting touchy feely with their gadgets, you're in luck, as the IXUS screen allows you take pictures and rotate, tag, erase and protect any images.

Active display technology also means that you can flick through images by tilting the camera.

HD shooting

Features-wise, the camera comes equipped with an optical image stabiliser, face detection (complete with white balance), and a plethora of scene modes (22 in fact).

Another new option on the camera is something called i-Contrast, which deals with finicky lighting situations, preventing highlight blowout and the like.

Also, the camera is equipped with HD shooting. While it doesn't go all out with Full HD, you can shoot 720p movies. There's also an HDMI mini port on board so you can instantly share you Spielberg-esque moments via an HDTV.

The Digital IXUS 200 IS is available from early September 2009 priced at £329. For more information, go to

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