Big Brother is watching: Nest's nanny cam is just a week away

Nest is making a big announcement on June 17, and now it looks like we know what it is: an internet-connected security camera, a la Dropcam.

Around this time last year, Nest Labs, which is owned by Google, purchased upstart Wi-Fi-streaming camera developer Dropcam for the healthy sum of $555 million. Droid Life, who nabbed a few leaked shots of the unannounced camera, reports that the Nest Cam has been in testing under the facade of being the next Dropcam Pro.

The unit itself is quite sleek, similar to the Dropcam, but a bit easier on the eyes. The Nest camera is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth equipped, featuring 1080p streaming (possibly recording as well) and surely some surprises that will be announced on June 17.

Nest and the rest

Nest is best known for innovating the Learning Thermostat, which picks up on its user’s patterns and keeps the house at a comfortable temperature. The company is also responsible for developing smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

It’s interesting to note that Nest was purchased by Google last year for $3.2 billion, and that Google is innovating a new Internet of Things, or IoT endeavor called Project Brillo. It’s likely on June 17 that we’ll also get a bit of clarity on how Nest, and possibly Dropcam fit into Google’s overarching plan to make a smart home. Google has stated that Nest is independently run, however, perhaps to avoid accusations that Google is trying to run your life.

It will be interesting to see what else Nest announces on June 17, and if we can get a better look at how Nest and Dropcam fit in the Google fold.