Telstra now sending warning SMS for every 20MB of data used overseas

Telstra roaming SMS
You'll still pay $300 before you get your first notification

Telstra has finally made motions to try and prevent some of the horrendous bill shock received from downloading data on your mobile phone while overseas.

The telco has just introduced a new system that will send global roamers an SMS message every time they use 20MB of data while travelling internationally.

Telstra has announced it will do this automatically, to help try and restrict the number of customers who return home to astronomical bills.

Cheaper prepaid roaming plans

Of course, with the rate that roaming data is charged at, it's still better to switch off data roaming altogether when travelling overseas. At Telstra's going rate of 1.5 cents per kilobyte, each 20MB SMS tier still equates to around $300.

The telco has tried to ease this by introducing slightly improved pre-paid global roaming rates for travellers who can't live without data.

Roaming data packs start at $29 for 20MB of data, and range up to a whopping $1800 for 2GB.

The new packs are now available in more countries too, from 25 locations to 50.

While $29 is significantly cheaper than $300 though, you're still better off picking up an international SIM card or relying exclusively on Wi-Fi for your international data needs.

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