Yahoo Mobile announced for major handsets

Yahoo! it's a hub page.
Yahoo! it's a hub page. And yes it looks just like your normal iPhone HP. With the same functionality...

Yahoo has announced the 'upcoming' launch of a Yahoo Mobile service which will provide a personalised starting page for a whole host of phones, including iPhones and BlackBerrys.

Yahoo Mobile is apparently 'a highly personalised mobile starting point to the Internet,' which is not vastly different to what you would expect from Yahoo.

The application will be made available to many of the major phone manufacturers: 'Yahoo Mobile will be available on the mobile web, as an app developed for the Apple iPhone, and as an app developed for smartphones from Nokia, RIM, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Motorola as well as those powered by Windows Mobile,' explains the press release.

Beta release

Available in a limited beta, Yahoo has pencilled in a general launch for Q2 2009.

"We believe the new Yahoo Mobile will transform the way millions of mobile users around the world will interact with the Internet" said Marco Boerries, Executive Vice President of Yahoo.

"Yahoo Mobile will enable users to create their own Internet starting point on their mobile device so they can better discover, connect to and stay informed about the people and things that are important to them."

So what does a Yahoo Mobile user get? Mobile search from Yahoo, of course, access to emails and social networking accounts and news and information.

In other words; it's a portal page for your mobile phone. Startling.

Patrick Goss

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