Vodafone's new contracts now come with 4G as standard, and heaps more data

4G is now even more attainable

Good news, data fans - Vodafone has just upped the amount of data you can potentially get on its tariffs.

The company now offers three different types of bundles - Standard bundles, Red bundles and Red Value bundles, the latter of which ups the potential data limit on tariffs to 25GB.

Previously the most data you could get on Vodafone tariffs was 20GB, so it's a useful jump for heavy users, though for a new handset like the Samsung Galaxy S6 all that data will cost you a pricey £65 per month.

Red Value tariffs also give you access to a Vodafone entertainment pack, such as Now TV, Sky Sports Mobile TV, or Spotify and include the ability to make landline and mobile calls to the UK when abroad in most European countries at no extra cost, which is something other tariffs will charge you £3 per day to do.

If you can live without an entertainment pack then there are always the Red bundles. They give you up to 20GB of data, so you're only slightly more limited there. Or if you really don't need a lot of data Vodafone also has Standard bundles, which start at just £17 per month on 24 month tariffs.

The good news is that whichever option you pick you'll now get 4G data on all pay monthly tariffs with a handset, so you can spend less time watching the world and more time watching videos of dogs trying to catch food.

James Rogerson

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