Vodafone launches Wi-Fi calling to catch up with EE

Vodafone logo
Vodafone logo

Vodafone is launching a Wi-Fi Calling service for all of its UK customers meaning you'll soon be able to make and receive phone calls even when your home signal is poor.

If you're on a pay monthly Vodafone Red Bundle, and have a compatible handset, you'll get to use the service for free.

EE rolled out a similar service in the UK earlier this year and Vodafone seems to be playing catch up here with a service that works without the use of a separate app – it'll just work when you're on Wi-Fi.

No need for apps

That means you can be on the London Underground or in a basement, and as long as you have Wi-Fi signal and you'll still be able to pick up the phone.

A release date is just said to be in "the coming weeks" and it'll gradually roll out over a selection of different handsets. We've asked what handsets are coming first and when but so far there's been no word from Vodafone.

This does mean O2 and Three are both playing catch up in this field - both networks have seperate apps for calling on Wi-Fi but don't support a service that works without them - and it'll be interesting to see which can do it first.

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