Vodafone drops prepaid call charges to 12 countries

Vodafone's global push
Vodafone Australia continues to eye the world

Vodafone is continuing to leverage its global presence, now reducing international call charges to 12 countries for prepaid customers using its Vodafone International recharge.

The countries include Bangladesh, Thailand, Lebanon, Indonesia, Egypt, Iraq, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Germany, Turkey and Jordan, though a flagfall of 23 cents remains.

The international recharge plans come in $10, $20, $30 and $50 varieties, with the telco now offering 250MB of data to customers who recharge $20 or more before March 17.

The international angle

With the reductions to the call rates for the above countries, Vodafone's attack on international charges continues.

Vodafone's international recharge already offers $1 capped calls to China, India, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK and the US, while calls to mobiles in the UK and NZ drop further to 30 cents per minute plus flag fall.

The telco also introduced $5 capped roaming Red plans last year, with Vodafone continually adding to the list of countries it offers the $5 cap in.

Optus and Telstra have both followed with their own revisions to international call rates, roaming rates, as well as introducing travel packs, making us interested to see what Vodafone will offer next and if the other two telcos will continue to follow