Tinder just fixed its most annoying problem


Tinder is the biggest dating app in the world, but setting up a profile can be really frustrating. Until now you've had to upload photos directly to your Facebook to be able to use them on your Tinder profile – but that stops right now.

Tinder will now allow you to add profile pictures straight from the camera roll on your phone. That means you can snap a quick selfie and upload it directly to Tinder without all your Facebook friends seeing it.

It seemed an unnecessarily convoluted process to upload your most narcissistic snaps to Facebook, hide them from your friends, and then upload them to Tinder.

Burning desire

In other Tinder news, you can now also send GIFs directly to people within chat windows, via the power of GIPHY, much like you can within Facebook Messenger.

Sadly you can't use GIFs as Tinder profile pictures yet. That's the next feature we'd like to see - it would certainly give would-be matches a better picture of you.

Tinder has also included "peek and pop" 3D Touch support for the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, meaning you can preview links sent in chat.

James Peckham

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