Three promises wider coverage, stronger data and better calls this Autumn

Three promises wider coverage, stronger data and better calls this Autumn

Three has announced it will launch its VoLTE (voice over LTE) service this Autumn, with September currently its target month - and that's good news for its customers.

Speaking at an exclusive event in London, Three's CTO Brin Jones explain just what the launch means for its 8.5 million customers.

First and foremost is the ability for the 4G network to carry voice calls (the clue's in the name people) which reduces the chances of dropped calls and enhances audio quality with HD voice technology.

It means your compatible handset (only a handful of top phones currently support VoLTE) doesn't have to drop to the available 2G or 3G network when you make or revieve a call. That means any application currently downloading or running in the background and continue to make use of the superfast network.

Coverage up

Part of what makes VoLTE possible for Three is the rollout of its 800MHz spectrum, which will also significantly increase its indoor and rural coverage.

It predicts an additional 3.2 million homes in the UK will benefit from this extra spectrum as it continues to address signal black spots around the country.

Additional spectrum also means there will be more space for data, allowing the network to carry more of it and thus giving you, the user, a better overall experience.

Another advantage of VoLTE is the super speedy connection times when making a call - no more waiting for the phone to connect before you hear the reassuring ringing tone in your ear.

All customers will be eligible for VoLTE at no extra charge - whether you're a pay monthly, PAYG or SIM only Three user, but as we say you need to have a compatible handset and be in VoLTE coverage.

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