The 16GB iPhone lives on, plus new pictures of Apple's upcoming handsets

The iPhone 6 camera
Is the iPhone 6S getting a camera upgrade?

Did you hear Apple is launching a new iPhone or two on 9 September? Yes of course you did, which means we're in line for a whole host of rumours, leaks and speculation over the next couple of weeks.

A couple of leaks over the weekend confirm that Apple is sticking with the 16GB/64GB/128GB storage options that it uses for the current models - some had expected the entry level phone to jump to 32GB considering dropping hardware prices and rising file sizes.

Dutch sources have also indicated the pricing is going to stay the same as last year: £539/£619/£699 for the small iPhone and £619/£699/£789 for the big one (check your local Apple site for the existing pricing breakdown in your part of the world).

Camera casing snapped

The ever-dependable Mark Gurman also has some new photos and video to show off of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in the flesh (well, metal flesh). The shots are of internal components, so they're not all that exciting, but they do add weight to previous rumours.

iPhone 6S leak

Those rumours centre mainly around the cameras in the handsets: both the front and rear snappers are in line for substantial upgrades this time around, and that fits with the inner circuitry shown off by Gurman.

None of this is confirmed just yet but it seems we're going to know an awful lot about the next iPhones by the time Tim Cook takes to the stage in San Francisco. Remember when Apple product launches were a surprise?

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