The 10 best games for Android - paid apps

The top 10 paid-for games for Android
The top 10 paid-for games for Android

If it's worth playing, it's worth paying. At least, that's the credo of our top 10 premium Android games, each chosen to make sure your hard-earned pennies wouldn't be put to better use in an impromptu game of tiddlywinks.

We reckon you'll get your money's worth with this lot – or at least sufficient distraction to forget you were meant to be saving for that vital operation.

We'll be updating this list as time goes on - feel free to suggest other games you think should be here in the comments below.

1. Jones On Fire

Best Android games

Run! Run like you're in Temple Run, but sideways and blocky and with cats! That pretty much sums up this fun side-scroller that proves a combination of flames and kittens can be fun and not a job for the RSPCA.

2. Asphalt 7: Heat

Asphalt 7

While many driving games unleash your inner 007, only this one caters to your inner McFly, with car choices including an Aston Martin and a DeLorean. Real-world race locations include central London – making an ideal foil for commuter rage.

3. Trainyard

Best Android games

If ripping up streets by car isn't your idea of fun, try laying down train tracks with this engrossing puzzler. Getting the engines to the right stations is harder than it looks, so be careful not to miss your real-world stop!

4. They Need To Be Fed 2

Best Android games

They Need To Be Fed was a huge hit with its 360-degree gravity-based gameplay, and this sequel only adds to the formula. Simply dodge the dangers, feed the monsters and try not to get dizzy over 50 deceptively easy-looking levels.

5. Minecraft Pocket Edition

Best Android games

A pocket sandbox game sounds like a recipe for severe chafing, but mini Minecraft is no less addictive than the full PC/Xbox version. Use 3D blocks to build freely in Creative mode, or choose Survival mode for more traditional gameplay.

6. Another World

Best Android games

Cutting-edge on its original release in 1991, Another World now mixes retro charm with surprisingly robust aesthetics and gameplay. One of the first games to employ a properly cinematic plot, its sci-fi storyline is bound to inspire the odd flashback.

7. Angry Birds Star Wars HD

Best Android games

This mash-up offers hours of fun desecrating a much-loved classic – to say nothing of Star Wars, ha ha etc. Much more than just a Leia of lipstick on a pig, this is a worthy addition to an unstoppable franchise.

8. Grand Theft Auto III


Ten years after GTA3 carjacked the world and caused a moral panic among non-gamers, here's hoping that many who were appalled then now have it in their pockets and are happily thieving and killing along with the rest of us.

9. Symphony of the Origin

Best Android games

If Game of Thrones has you hankering for some sword-and-sorcery RPG action, you could do a lot worse than check out this Japanese epic, rich in dwarves, golems and "Evils from the Earth-depths", all waiting to get medieval on yo' app.

10. Prince Of Persia Classic

Best Android games

Finally, here's another old classic given a new lease of life thanks to Android. Beneath its slick new look, this is still the original, much-loved platformer from the 1990s, but with no need to carry an Amiga 500 with you.