Tech fashion insider: Samsung owns the street and catwalk

Tech fashion insider: Samsung owns the street and catwalk
Tech fashion insider: Samsung owns the street and catwalk

This guest-blog was written by one of the UK's leading men's fashion writers, Marcus Jaye, editor of

Over the past few years there has been a rush for innovation and novelty in the smartphone industry, and in developments in wearable tech, but that is being replaced by a point of difference.

Samsung realises that its consumers demand quality as well as usability. And it is this "fashionable functionality" that sets apart the new GALAXY Note 3 and wearable GALAXY Gear both on the street and on the catwalk.

After all, the smartphone is something that many of us use every waking minute of the day – at work, at home and having fun when out and about on the weekend or on holiday.

Perhaps most importantly, today's discerning smartphone user needs something they can feel is truly theirs. First and foremost, this means being given the choice to 'customise', whether that means choosing its colour or finish.

GALAXY Note 3 fashion

Masculine, Feminine and Neutral colours

Samsung offers the GALAXY Note 3 with a cool leather-look back in three different colours: Jet Black, Classic White and Blush Pink.

Masculine black, neutral white and feminine pink, with a look and feel that makes the device tactile as well as premium.

The prominently styled stitched-look and quality feel of the hardware appeals to a consumer used to the detail of designer goods. After all, this is the age of the designer smartphone: a smartphone that needs to visually integrate with our other luxury goods.

GALAXY Note 3 fashion

"The last accessory you put on before leaving the house…"

The stunning 5.7-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display on the GALAXY Note 3 is ideal for fashion fans and designers.

The Note 3 is notably slimmer and lighter than other models, so perfect for carrying in your jacket without it ruining the line. And the long-lasting 3,200mAh Li-ion battery is particularly suited to our increased use of thirsty applications.

"Your phone is not just a piece of practical kit; it's now the last accessory you put on before you leave the house; constantly on show or in your hand," says Seb Law, Online Editor of Notion Magazine.

"That's why the market in custom/designer/luxe cases for tech is booming; particularly in menswear where there's a trend for men to carry their accessories rather than stash them away.

"See, for example, the decks of colourful clutch bags, notebooks, and tablet cases that always turn up on streetstyle blogs."


That awesome quick-shoot camera on the wrist

There's an entire generation now using their smartphones to tell the time rather than a traditional wristwatch, so it seems little more than a logical jump for Samsung to provide a watch which syncs with your GALAXY Note 3, providing a summary and instant updates from your contacts.

Hence the modish GALAXY Gear watch, which comes in six stylish colours – Jet Black, Mocha Gray, Wild Orange, Oatmeal Beige, Rose Gold, Lime Green – as well as allowing the user to change the clock face to different styles of analogue-look or digital options.

GALAXY Note 3 fashion

The brushed stainless steel and rubber strap means that the GALAXY Gear is a slick, sleek, minimalist-styled watch, as well as packing in many more useful and handy features inside.

In the digital age, everything is about speed. Being able to react quickly with a device is a massive plus. The quick-shoot camera on the GALAXY Gear means you won't miss a thing: it's right there and waiting.

Whether it's shooting street-style images for The Chic Geek or simply grabbing a visual record, the discreet camera allows you to snap away. It could also be good for scenarios when it's not really appropriate to get your phone or camera out and start taking pictures.

Plus, that handy Pedometer and MyFitnessPal application would be interesting to use to see just how many miles of walking I do during fashion weeks!