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T-Mobile offering HTC Desire ahead of schedule

HTC Desire on sale now from T-Mobile
HTC Desire on sale now from T-Mobile

T-Mobile appears to have offered the HTC Desire for sale ahead of even its own schedule.

When HTC announced the Desire last month, networks were quick to announce they were stocking it, with T-Mobile at the front of the queue.

The network promised the phone would be released on 26 March, but customers are now getting emails proclaiming "The HTC Desire has arrived!".

The web page allowing consumers to purchase the phone has also gone live, with a seven-day delivery time for those wanting to pick up the mobile.

All about the price

If you're wondering about price, that's there too: £35 a month on a two-year deal will nab you the phone for free, with 1,200 minutes, 500 texts and free internet to boot.

However, there appears to be confusion over whether this phone has actually gone on sale or not, as T-Mobile's support Twitter feed is claiming that this is pre-order only.

Phone calls to outlets directly have resulted in TechRadar being told there won't be any in store 'for a week or two after launch'.

T-Mobile will be joined by Vodafone, O2, 3, Orange and Virgin Media in the next month in offering the HTC Desire - but even if T-Mobile doesn't offer the phone until 26 March that's still ahead of the game.