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T-Mobile Moto X gets badly needed camera fix via an update

Moto X
The Moto X's camera is not its strongest feature

The Moto X has plenty going for it, but its camera is not one of them.

Thankfully, that should change today - at least for T-Mobile customers - as Motorola pushed out an exclusive update pointed squarely at the Moto X's inconsistent snapper.

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The update is said to improve the camera's white balance detection and color accuracy, which should help with overall photo quality. In particular, the Moto X's camera will now take properly exposed shots outdoors and against strong backlights.

The update is currently available only to Moto X users on T-Mobile, but a Motorola representative told TechRadar that it's "coming to more carriers soon."

There's more!

But that's not all - the update should help the Moto X take photos more quickly and autofocus faster in low light.

And the update should allow users to switch between the Moto X's front and back cameras with less of a delay.

The update also addresses some minor non-camera related issues, including improvements to touchless control and call quality.

A much-needed update

In TechRadar's Moto X review, we named the Moto X's camera the most inconsistent of any on a major flagship phone that we've tested.

"Bottom line, the Moto X can take a great picture, it just doesn't always decide to do so," reviewer Alex Roth noted.

Hopefully, the new update fixes that and Moto X users on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint get access to it sooner rather than later.