T-Mobile has changed the data game forever

T-Mobile has opened the data floodgates
All hail unlimited data, for we are not worthy

'Unlimited data, yeah right' you scoff. But no, seriously, that is exactly what T-Mobile is offering. No cap or usage restrictions, just as much as you can munch your way through for the paltry sum of £36 each month.

This is going to signal a big change in the mobile phone market, as other networks are not going to have any choice but to follow suit to avoid losing market share. If you do the sums, there is only one answer. Consumer = Win.

Lets be honest, we're using our phones more and more to surf the web, poke our mates, tweet abuse at FIFA's dignitaries and stream How I Met Your Mother in HD while on the train to work.

That is a lot of data if you're not in a Wi-Fi friendly environment and you can quickly see your monthly allowance dwindle and wake up at month end to the mother of all phone bills.

The future's here

Unlimited data: it's what we've been waiting for. T-Mobile has finally delivered our wet dream and quite frankly O2, Vodafone and co. need to jump on the bandwagon sharp-ish. It is the future and it will run our lives.

Three has been offering a similar deal recently, but with the grunt of two networks behind this idea it really shows the rest of the networks are lagging.

I'm already considering switching sides, as my bundled 1GB of data is quite simply pathetic in comparison – plus I'm paying the same amount a month. Rip. Off.

Porn and LOL cats

People may raise the point that if everyone gets unlimited data then the networks will grind to a halt under the deluge of porn and LOL cats – but let's be honest, it won't. Yep it's that easy to say, so calm your nerves.

The mobile networks will be venturing into 4G in the coming years and it will hopefully open up a whole new level of awesomeness, allowing us to be dead chuffed that we have unlimited data at our fingertips. It will carry the burden of our data-hungry needs without breaking a sweat and life will pass effortlessly before us.

T-Mobile has confirmed its commitment to the 4G, with Regan Whitehead, Senior Proposition Manager saying T-Mobile is "investing £1.5 billion over the next 3 years in our network" and "committed to making sure that position of best network in the UK (for 3G coverage) and provide a great experience for customers whether that's on Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G in the future".

Feeling hot hot hot-spot

Add into the mix deals mobile operators are making with companies such as BT Openzone to offer mobile phone users free access to Wi-Fi hotspots across the country and fewer people will actually be using the network for data heavy activities. This will free the network for those who are out of Wi-Fi zones and need the data signal.

The combination of T-Mobile's unlimited data and commitment to 4G will aid the Last Mile problem, which aims to bring internet to remote locations in the UK where broadband is unavailable. Good news all round then!

Oh yes, this is the future, it is fool-proof and nothing can stop it. Unlimited data, you are our everything and you shall rule our lives.

But wait, what's this? "Low Battery - excessive data usage" – ah crap…

John McCann
Global Managing Editor

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