Round-up: All the week's best tech stories

Xbox 360 console set for price cut
Microsoft is planning a price cut for the Xbox 360 in the United States. That's according to retail sources in the US who revealed the amount the console will be reduced by, and the date it will happen.

MySpace rocked by 29,000 sex offenders
Social networking behemoth MySpace says that it has found and deleted the profiles of 29,000 sex offenders on its site. The figure is US-only, meaning that around 5 per cent of America's sex offenders have now been found on and purged from the site.

Wii sends Nintendo profits into orbit
The immense popularity of the Wii console has seen Nintendo's net profits skyrocket. In news that will only irritate Sony, the Wii has reversed the company's fortunes in startling fashion.

Woman conned out of £12,900 in webdating scam
An Australian woman has been scammed into sending 30,000 Australian dollars (£12,900) to a Nigerian conman she met online. The 30-year old woman joined an internet dating agency where she fell for a Nigerian con artist. Do people still fall for these tricks?

Sony unleashes world's first HD video Walkman
Sony has just made it a whole lot easier to check those video shots taken with your HDV or DV camcorder when you're away on holiday or on the move. The company today announced the world's first high-definition video Walkman.

Blu-ray and HD DVD set for big sales boom
As consumers begin to embrace more high-definition products and services, next-generation disc players are poised to experience significant growth over the next five years. Not really that surprising, but interesting all the same.

Windows Vista sells 60 million copies
Microsoft has now sold some 60 million copies of its latest operating system, Windows Vista. But the first service pack update for Windows Vista seems to be delayed further. The latest milestone figure was announced at Microsoft's annual meeting

BBC launches iPlayer download service
The BBC has launched the Beta version of its iPlayer service. The on demand media player means you can 'catch-up' on programming from the last seven days. Only a fixed number of people will be able to sign up for the moment.

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