Sketchy sketch of iPhone 7 'reveals' disappointing design

iPhone 6S

While there's been a lot of talk of the iPhone 7 slimming down we haven't heard much about the length or width of the phone - but the latest leak suggests it will have identical dimensions to the iPhone 6S.

A sketch shared by reveals a length of 138.30mm and a width of 67.12mm, which, as stated, is the same as the iPhone 6S.

Before we go any further, let's be clear: these 'leaks' are based on a picture drawn by someone of the forthcoming phone, with no source given as to where the pictures came from, but has been pretty accurate in the past when it comes to iPhone leaks, which is why this is worth checking out.

iPhone 7 sketch

Sadly, the sketch doesn't show the thickness of the phone, or much of anything else, so it's not as enlightening as it could have been, but with those dimensions we can assume the design isn't going to be drastically changed, despite it being a new numbered model.

Not everything's the same

Aside from the dimensions the only other things to take away from the sketch are the slightly rounded edges, which are similar to what you'll find on the iPhone 6S, and the size and positioning of the camera.

Its position on the top left corner is, again, the same as the iPhone 6S, which further points to the overall design of the iPhone 7 being similar, but the lens appears slightly larger.

This isn't the first time we've seen hints of a larger camera and it could mean Apple is planning on increasing either the number or the size of the pixels.

There's no sign of a dual-lens camera though, which had previously been rumored, suggesting that if that feature appears at all it will only feature on the iPhone 7 Plus.

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