Samsung set to supercharge Galaxy S5 battery

Samsung set to super charge Galaxy S5 battery
I want it charged NOW!

Hot on the heels of news that the Samsung Galaxy S5 won't pop up at MWC 2014 comes a little more detail about what we can expect at the South Korean's mid-March launch.

According to a tip sent to Phone Arena, the Galaxy S5 will sport a much-improved 2900mAh battery, up from the S4's sizeable 2600mAh power pack.

News of a larger capacity is nothing special, but the same tip suggests that the S5's juice pack will charge from zero to full in under 2 hours, perhaps employing the self-healing technology developed at Sanford University.

This would be a massive boost, providing a viable alternative to the removable battery problem that has supposedly been the reason behind Samsung's lack of metal handsets.

2K or not 2K, that is the question

A larger battery would also make sense, given the persistent rumours that surround the inclusion of a 2K screen on the Galaxy S5.

We might be in for a shock though, as a device under the moniker SM-G900A appeared on UAProf, coming complete with 1080p screen.

This could prove to be a cheaper version of the S5, maybe the rumoured plastic Galaxy S5 or even the Galaxy S5 Mini. It could even be a completely new device.

We'll keep our eyes peeled for more information, and report back our findings from here, as well as from next month's MWC.

Via Softpedia.