Samsung's first Tizen phone looks like it's very, very close

Samsung's first Tizen phone has been postponed
Tizen's not quite ready to show its face, but it's coming

Samsung's first commercial Tizen handset is getting closer. In fact, it's just been certified in Japan under the name SC-03F.

However, according to Japanese media outlet SankeiBiz, the phone's announcement has been postponed by mobile carrier NTT docomo.

SankeiBiz says the announcement of a Samsung-built Tizen OS phone was originally meant to happen on January 16 but that's now been pushed back, with no reason given.


Rumours are rife that Tizen isn't ready to be shown off to the public just yet, although Phonearena speculates that another reason might be that Samsung is unhappy with NTT docomo after the carrier launched the iPhone 5S.

Samsung is rumoured to be showcasing a Tizen phone just before MWC 2014 and there's a chance this could be that very handset.

For now, Samsung isn't looking to launch its Tizen phones in the West - or at least not in the US. But who knows if that will change down the line. It just needs to get the OS off the ground for now.

And with word that Samsung has a Windows Phone 8 handset in the pipeline - and of course a bunch of other Android phones - 2014 could be a year of juggling multiple operating systems.

Hugh Langley

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