Samsung phones get FaceTime-like powers thanks to T-Mobile

T-Mobile video calls

Video calling can be done through nearly every messaging or VoiP app out there, from Apple's FaceTime and Google Hangouts to Skype, Viber and even Facebook Messenger - but T-Mobile doesn't want you bothering with apps at all.

The Uncarrier is introducing T-Mobile Video Calls, which will let you make video calls to your friend or family straight from your contacts list.

Video calls can be made over LTE or Wi-Fi, and if it isn't a strong enough connection, T-Mobile will switch you back to a voice call.

Currently, you'll only be able to make video calls to other T-Mobile customers, but the Uncarrier says it is working on expanding the service.

"If the person you're calling can't take video calls, the video call icon is greyed out," said T-Mobile chief technology officer Neville Ray.

"We're working with others so you can eventually enjoy built-in video calling across wireless networks."

A Samsung edge

T-Mobile brought iMessage-type texting to Samsung handsets back in July, and it looks like Samsung users will again benefit.

Starting today, T-Mobile Video Calls will be available on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 through a software update.

Anyone with a Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge will get the software update with T-Mobile Video Calls next week.

T-Mobile says that it will add three more devices by the end of the year, but it didn't reveal if these will also be Samsung phones or other handsets.