Samsung mocks iPhone 4S buyers in new commercial

Galaxy S2
The Galaxy S2 is the next big thing, not the iPhone 4S according to Samsung's mocking commercial

Samsung's latest Galaxy S2 commercial has mercilessly mocked the loyal Apple iPhone fans who recently waited in line for the new 4S smartphone.

The ad, which will air in the US on Thanksgiving Thursday, features a host of caricatured iPhone enthusiasts lining-up outside Apple Stores lookalikes, nine hours before it goes on sale.

The cutting commercial, which you can watch in the YouTube clip below, portrays the Apple fanboys' excitedly speculating on the new features, before their attention is drawn to an S2 user.

"I'm creative"

Initially they're impressed by the device's screen screen, but as soon as one of the fanboys discovers that it is a Samsung phone, he sneers: "I could never get a Samsung, I'm creative."

His pal, also waiting in line, quips back with "Dude, you're a barista," while the commercial also baits Apple for the lack of 4G mobile broadband and a supposedly inferior and smaller screen.

The ad ends by saying: "The next big thing is already here."

Apple and Samsung are already embroiled in a smartphone turf war with Apple claiming the range of Galaxy phones and tablets 'blatantly copied' the iPhone and iPad.

Commercials portraying Apple enthusiasts as blind lemmings, blinded by Apple's marketing tomfoolery isn't likely to see Apple call of its legal dogs in the near future.

The commercial doesn't specifically mention Apple by name, but check out the video below and try not to smirk just a little bit.

Via: Mashable

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