Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs S7 Edge: biometric sensors

Samsung's takes security seriously with its enterprise-level Knox platform, and it also locks up your smartphone nice and tight with a fingerprint sensor home button.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs S7 Edge

While its oval-shaped fingerprint sensor is fast and accurate, the company decided to add another way to unlock the Note 7: an iris scanner. Your eyes can unlock your phone, even when you hop out of the shower or pool. Pruny fingers are no longer a problem.

The new iris scanner can also secure certain folders and photos that you consider top secret. If it's a big hit, expect this extra security method to come to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge next year.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs S7 Edge: release date and price

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is here and now, while the Note 7 isn't too far off. Pre-orders begin on August 3 and the phone is delivered to your doorstep on August 19 in the US. In the UK, it'll be sold on September 2 with pre-orders beginning on August 16.

It's going to be a little more expensive to upgrade to this S-Pen-focused smartphone, so even if you dig its new features, you'll have to consider how much extra it'll cost.

The S7 Edge costs $299 in the US on a two-year contract, or about $33 a month through carrier imposed monthly device payments. It's SIM-free unlocked price is now $769. In the UK it costs £640 and in Australia it's AU$1,249.

The Note 7 doesn't include two-year contract pricing just yet (carriers are trying to do away with that), but the 24-month device plans are $36 a month through Verizon, $36.67 a month via AT&T and $32.50 a month with $69.99 down on T-Mobile. At full retail price, it's $880 on AT&T, $864 at Verizon and $849 T-Mobile.

In the UK, it's a flat £749. Very simple – very easy to figure out.

Looking for an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the US? It took the S7 and S7 Edge four months to arrive unaltered by American carriers, and we fully expect the same here.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs S7 Edge: verdict

There's very little reason to pass up the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or S7 Edge. They have the best cameras, top-of-the-line specs and brilliant displays that few phones match.

Note 7 vs S7 Edge

The choice between the two comes down to two factors: how bigger are your hands and how big is your wallet. The Note 7 is a bit larger in either case. As more pricing details are released about the Note 7, we'll update this comparison to see if Samsung can justify the cost.

Matt Swider