Samsung confirms Galaxy S3 chassis is made of classy stuff

Samsung Galaxy S3 chassis is classy
Polycarbonate best represents the S3's minimal organic design

Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S3 in fact sports a more complex polycarbonate chassis, not a 'standard' plastic body.

We reported in our hands on Samsung Galaxy S3 review that the handset had a brushed plastic case, but this didn't deter Mobile Devices Editor Gareth, who said "it's got a lovely back" – just check out the video at the bottom of this article.

Samsung however has now confirmed to PhoneArena that the Galaxy S3 has a polycarbonate body, saying: "Polycarbonate is used on the battery cover. Polycarbonate is lightweight, solid and is already being widely used in the mobile industry.

Polycarbonate, my dear Watson

"It was chosen as the best material to represent the minimal organic design of Galaxy S3. Using three layers of high quality, pure and clear polycarbonate, not only is the phone's aesthetic elevated, but the durability and scratch resistance is maximized."

The good news is the Samsung Galaxy S3 should be tougher than its predecessor the Galaxy S2, which sported a plastic case.

We hope to get the Samsung Galaxy S3 in soon, so we can put it through our full, in-depth review process and possibly a stress test on that polycarbonate frame - although we'll struggle to bring ourselves to harm such a popular handset.

Check out our hands on Samsung Galaxy S3 review video below - complete with the "lovely back" quote we promised you!

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