Print your own iPhone and iPod skins

Want to print your own iPhone skin? Well, now you can!
Want to print your own iPhone skin? Well, now you can!

If you just cannot decide on the colour of the winter coat for your iPhone or iPod then never fear, because you can now print off your very own gadget skins for your beloved Apple devices.

Print your own iPod skins courtesy of the weirdly-named iaPeel (eye-appeal - geddit?!), which lets you pop whatever design or photos you like on your gadget condom.

The all-in iaPeel kit will set you back $21, for which you will get some rudimentary design software and five skins which you can put through your inkjet printer.

The incredibly cool world of iPhone

"How do you take the world's coolest phone and make it even cooler?" asks iaPeel. "Easy – you add an iaPeel skin! Just like all those great apps you've added on your iPhone to make it a one-of-a-kind device, an iaPeel skin gives it a custom touch that's 100% you.

"Makes a great gift for someone who's just made the jump into the incredibly cool world of the iPhone."

An extra five skins will then cost you another $18, so you can pretty much change the look of your iPhone on a weekly basis, should that really take your fancy.

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Via iaPeel Product page

Adam Hartley