Phone industry delight at Spotify arrival

Spotify on iPhone and Android - delightful
Spotify on iPhone and Android - delightful

Some of the big hitters in the UK phone industry have reacted with delight at the arrival of a Spotify app for both Android and iPhone handsets.

Both comparison site and Carphone Warehouse have expressed their pleasure that Spotify made it through the vetting process to get onto the Apple handsets – and that a similar app is available for people who use Android handsets.

"Spotify is another big step in music for mobile phones and provides users with the legal means to download the latest music cheaply," said Carphone Warehouse CEO Andrew Harrison.

"The application proves the music and mobile phone industries can benefit from greater co-operation and innovation."

Major coup

Omio's Ernest Doku was similarly effusive, saying: "Getting into bed with Apple and Android is a major coup for Spotify and great news for all Spotify aficionados.

"Spotify was smart enough to recognise that it needed to crack the mobile market if it wanted to grow revenue streams and establish itself as a profitable, sustainable business rather than just another internet fad.

iPhone users will now have spotify option

"The problem Spotify has faced to date has been how to turn free users into premium subscribers.

"By providing music on the go, this should finally give premium Spotify subscribers an incentive to splash out for the service, and £9.99 per month for an unlimited mobile music portal is an attractive proposition.

"This announcement also pours cold water on those doubters who questioned whether Apple would want to allow an application that is a direct competitor to iTunes.

"What Spotify offers is a clean, simple and legal alternative to music piracy and that has to be a good thing. Apple has doubtless taken that into account when making the decision to add Spotify to its app stable."

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