Pass on glass? Moto Z will offer some unusual options

Moto Z StyleMods leak

When you buy a smartphone you don't usually have much say in what material it's made from, and the options on the shelves are generally limited to plastic or metal - or perhaps a more glass-heavy model if you're feeling really adventurous.

Wooden, leather and ballistic nylon-backed handsets are rarer beasts, but that's exactly what the Moto Z seems to be offering if some leaked shots from MotClub HK are to be believed.

Which they probably are, as Motorola has long been an exception to the metal or plastic rule, offering a range of Moto Maker customization options for its phones.

Choices, choices

The options shown seem to include black or brown leather, a red ballistic nylon cover and a couple of different wooden options, one of which is likely bamboo.

Moto Z StyleMods leak

They give you the chance to turn what's already shaping up to be a fairly stylish metal phone into something a bit more unique.

While it's great to see StyleMods making a return they're actually not the most exciting part of the Moto Z's customization options.

The phone is also rumored to support 'MotoMods', which clip to the back in a similar way but add extra functionality, like an optical zoom lens or a projector.

So whatever you want from your phone it looks like there's a good chance the Moto Z will offer it, just as long as it gets the basic specs right. We'll know soon enough, as the Moto Z is pegged for a June 9 launch.

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