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O2 could block Nokia-Skype deal for customers

O2 not cool with overdoing it with Skype
O2 not cool with overdoing it with Skype

We've spoken to O2 about the impending Skype and Nokia deal over Symbian handsets - and it's not good news for its users.

Basically, as Skype is all about sending voice calls through data (which means calling people far away costs the same as dialling someone next to you) the amount of data used ramps up.

O2 has decided that this is against policy - and has given TechRadar the following statement:

"We do not as a general rule block access to voice over IP services on our network.

"However, in the case of unlimited data services such as our data bolt on and iPhone tariffs, VoIP is prohibited within the excessive use policy."

All about the customers

"These unlimited data packages are designed to allow customers to browse the web and access data services such as email without worrying about a cost per MB.

"To offer the best possible customer experience, we prohibit continuous streaming of any audio/video content, Voice over IP, P2P and file sharing services, all of which can adversely impact the overall customer experience."

There you have it - although we'd be surprised if the other networks didn't have the same kind of policy, as the use of 'unlimited' data is still a hot topic.

We've contacted other networks to find out their policy - so if you're into VOIP and think this is a travesty, let us know in the comments below.